A Brief Tour Around My Office
​To study our Constitution is to study history. My enjoyment of studying our Constituion has evolved into the study of not only American history but also the history of the State of North Carolina, the City of Rocky Mount and my own family.

On this page I have a few pictures of items from around my office. Some are related to American history and some are not. I think they are interesting. I hope you think so as well.

Attorney Solomon's desk in the "Almost" Oval Office
Aaron Bancroft wrote this biography of George Washington. Pictured are the cover and title page of an original copy of that book published in 1858 that is located in my private office.
Hanging opposite my desk in my private office. A picture of the first African Americans to serve in the US Congress.

40 Congresses had met before anyone who looked like me had the right to serve
The Ricks Hotel stood downtown Rocky Mount from 1909-1963. It was one of the first modern hotels in the state. This ashtray from the Ricks Hotel rests on a table in my private office.
Rivers and railroads were important to the war effort during the Amerian Civil War. This copy of a map from May 1862 shows the easten district of North Carolina including Rocky Mount during that time. It hangs in the lobby of my office.
One of my grandfathers was a Pastor in the AME Zion Church before his death. These bookends are from his home in Richmond, Virginia. They are on display in the lobby of my office.
In 2007,  the early days of my practice, I was honored to be awarded a small business of the year award by the Rocky Mount Area Chamber of Commerce. This token of appreciation is located in the lobby of my office.
The death certificate of my Great Great Grandfather Tom - Al Solomon. Born into Slavery in 1863, he lived for 94 years and died in 1958.

This copy is displayed in my private office.
Hanging on the wall in my private office, letters of aceptance to North Carolina A& T State Univeristy and Campbell Universiy School of Law dated 1996 and 2000 respectivley.
This is a cool gift from a friend and former client. Thanks to him I now hold the rank of Starfleet Captain!!

This is on display in the lobby of my office.
The first regular season game played in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium. If you look closely you'll see me in section 145.